Jacob's Musical Chimes Repair Info

Your "Traditional" (i.e., Echo, Whisper, Cascade, Waterfall, Cathedral or Grandfather) windchime carries a lifetime warranty. There are two options for getting a broken chime repaired.

Option 1: Request a Free Repair Kit

If all the pipes on your chime are still hanging and the problem is only a broken center cable, we offer a free and easy repair kit to get you up and chiming again. If your chime needs more help than that, skip to Option 2.

To order a Center Cable Repair kit:
Call us at 1-800-627-5840 or send us a message to request a kit. You will need to know which model (Waterfall, Cathedral, etc.) you own. To identify your chime, count the total number of pipes and measure the longest pipe. Then use this chart:

Pipes Longest pipe
Echo 3 17"
Whisper 7 7"
Cascade 7 11-1/2"
Waterfall 9 12-1/2"
Cathedral 9 17"
Grandfather 7 25"

Do you need a new "Clapper" or "Windcatcher" with your repair kit? The Clapper is the disk that normally sits flat in the middle of your chime and strikes the pipes. The Windcatcher is the larger disk that normally hangs at the bottom of the chime. If you are missing either or both of these disks, ask for replacements — they're free!

The Center Cable Repair kit comes with everything you need to restore your center cable assembly to brand new, including cable, crimps and instructions. The only tool you will need is a pair of pliers. If you order a repair kit online, be sure to mention which model windchime you have, whether you need one or both disks, and your mailing address.

Option 2: Send It Back to Jacob

If any of the pipes on your chime have fallen off, or the wood top is cracked or broken, or you just don't want to mess with it, pack up all the pieces and send them back to the chimemaker for a good going over:

Jacob's Musical Chimes
Attention: Repair
5308-B East 2nd Street
Long Beach, CA 90803

Repairs spend about 4 weeks in our shop before they go on their way back to you. Please enclose $10.00 (made out to Jacob's Musical Chimes) for return shipping. And don't forget to enclose a note inside the box with your return address!